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Jiaobanshan canteen

Capacity: 220 people

● 22 tables, 10 people per table
● Standard group meals for 2000-3000NTD.

YingBinGe Restaurant

Capacity: 120 people

● 12 tables, 10 people per table
● Standard group meals for 4000-6000NTD.
● Karaoke provided (3 hours for 5000NTD).

Cherry blossom & plum blossom hall

Capacity: 15-30 people

● 1 tables, 15 people per table
● Meals for 300-600NTD/person.
● Karaoke provided (3 hours for 3000NTD).

Biyashan scenic coffee house

Capacity: 50 people for inside and 80 people for outside
Open from: AM09:00~PM21:30 Information:

● Provide coffee, basic meals, hot and cold beverages.
● Provides catering for refreshments and western style lunch boxes.

Convenience store

Open from: AM08:00~PM19:30

● Provides daily necessities

Payment information


● Chinese style: 700NTD/table
● Buffet breakfast: 150NTD/person

【Lunch and dinner】

● Chinese style: 2000-6000NTD/table

【Meal box】

● Meal box from 80NTD/box.

【Late night snacks】

● Green bean soup, mesona jelly: 30NTD/person
● Hot good: congee, rice noodle soup, stir-fried rice noodles, metball soup from 40NTD/person.
● Private room late night snacks: 1200NTD/table


● Snacks & refreshments: from 100NTD/person
● Western meal boxes: From 80NTD/person


● Meal times:
Breakfast 07:00
Lunch 12:00
Dinner 17:30~19:00
Please contact beforehand if other specified time is required.
● 10 people per table for Chinese cuisine.
● For individual or non-reserved meals, please use Biyashan coffee house.
● A minimum of 20 people necessary for ordering meal box, late night snacks and refreshments.
● Private rooms: 10 people/table. Snack time from PM21:00~PM22:30.