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Rate standards-conference venues

Venue name Rate standards
Half-day (4 hours) Morning and afternoon (8 hours) Day and night (12 hours)
Great hall 10,000NTD 16,000NTD 22,000NTD
Small hall 8,000NTD 10,000NTD 16,000NTD
Louvre hall 6,000NTD 8,500NTD 12,000NTD
Classroom 5 4,500NTD 6,000NTD 8,500NTD
Classroom 6 3,000NTD 5,000NTD 6,500NTD
Biyashan karaoke social hall 6000NTD/event. Available from 19:00-22:00.
※the great hall can provide karaoke, 8000NTD for 3 hours. Includes refreshments and service staff.