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Fuhsing Youth Activity Center is located in Jiaobanshan Park in Taoyuan County. It is situated about 16km (Daxi, Taoyuan) from the start of the northern cross-island highway at an elevation of 410 meters, Fuhsing Youth Activity Center embraces the elegant and natural scenery in Taoyuan. The center provides lodging, dining, and conference venues, as well as exploration activities, river tracing, and hunting school experiences. It is the great venue for hosting education training, conferences and recreational activities.

Nearby attractions

Cihu cultural park, Ta Shee Blooming Oasis, Sikou suspension bridge, Dongyangshan forest recreation area, Xiao Wulai waterfall, Fuhsing bridge, Lalashan sacred tree area and other well known destinations in north Taiwan.

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Center history

The center began as the Jiaobanshan guesthouse for Japanese crown prince, and numerous member of the Japanese royal family used the guesthouse as a holiday destination during the Japanese occupation peiord.

After the retrocession in 1949, it became the presidential guesthouse and became a military controlled area, making it more inaccessible to the public. The river terrace area of Jiaobanshan looks very similar to Chiang Kai-shek’s ancestral home, which led him to spend a good portion of his time here, reminiscing. During winter, the plum blossoms throughout the area, set against the mountains and rivers has led this area to be known as the Lushan of Taiwan.

The Fuhsing center was established in 1976 to cater for the youths of Taiwan, and has held many different activities and events. In 1992, the main building was burnt down, leaving only the stone foundations and pillar behind. With the assistance of the Taoyuan county government and Fuhsing township office, work began on the same site on July 2, 1998, for the new multi-functional four-story structure with a basement. The second building, Xunfengge, was renovated after concerns of the original Japanese structure was becoming dilapidated. It maintained most of the simple Japanese style, and was reopened on October 31, 1999.

The beauty of Jiaobanshan is simple and elegant, created from the waterfall and clouds intertwining through the mountains. The guesthouse further adds to the historical value of the area. It is now a landmark attraction for travelers on the north cross-island highway, to reminesce about the past, and is a great location for exploring the outdoors.

Center features

At Jiaobanshan, expose yourself to phytoncide and the expansive views, and sooth your heart and soul. You can taste the unique magao coffee at Biyashan scenic coffee house while enjoying the natural views. Numerous TV programs have been shot here due to its scenery and unique offerings.

【Target groups】

This center, in accordance with the Youth Activity Center residential facility management and safety maintenance regulations, order no. 1030000094B promulgated by the Taiwan youth education department of the Ministry of Education, is established and managed on a non-profit basis, and provide lodging for the following groups of people:
1. Student with valid document of enrollment
2. Adults who are below forty years old.
3. Any individual who are attending activities held by government agencies, schools, NGOs in relation to public welfare, education, service and training, health or culture.
4. Any staff or volunteer with the document of proof issued by the China Youth Corp.
5. Teachers or relatives accompany individuals that meet the first two criteria, which shall not exceed four people.